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Everything in a MECCA Fragrance Obsessive’s Collection

January 1 | 3 minute read

A hand with painted fingernails reaches down to lift a fragrance bottle from a shelf full of many bottles.

As told to Arabella Roden

Originally published on | June 18

There’s nothing quite like sneaking a peek into someone else’s beauty bag, top shelf or, in this case, fragrance wardrobe – and when we scoured MECCA HQ for the perfect collection to feature, it could only be Lisa: Executive Assistant by day, Fragrance Connoisseur also by day (and by night!).

For the lovers of scent and/or those in search of their new signature, read on to find out Lisa’s favourites and how she built her enviable stash of bottles…
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Memo Fragrance Expert Perfume Collection 3x4 1b

Where it all began

“I can’t remember a time where I didn’t love fragrance. My yiayia [grandmother], Georgia, never left the house without a spritz of fragrance and I’m pretty sure my love of it comes from her. When I was a teenager, she would travel overseas every year for a holiday and she would always come back with a new fragrance for me from the duty free store!

“I don’t have different scents for day time, night-time or special occasions – I just wear what I love and put it on after a shower, whether or not I am heading out, hanging out at home or going to bed!

“Fragrance, for me, is part of every aspect of life and I love how a scent can transport you to different moments.”

Staple scents and new favourites

“I love a woody scent that isn’t too feminine. I love vetiver. It’s hard to choose, but I think my all-time favourite is Diptyque Vetyverio EDT – I love it because it reminds me of travelling overseas on my own.

“And Byredo Mojave Ghost EDP, because I bought it for the first time in Paris on the first trip I took with my husband! I love that wearing these scents reminds me of these moments in my life.

D.S. & DURGA do really cool, unexpected fragrances. I also love Le Labo and a new brand I’m really getting into at the moment is Maison Crivelli.

“My current favourites are Maison Crivelli Papyrus Moléculaire EDP, Le Labo Santal 33 EDP and Escentric Molecules Molecule 01.”
Memo Fragrance Expert Perfume Collection 3x4 3b
Memo Fragrance Expert Perfume Collection 3x4 3a

How to build your own fragrance wardrobe

“I have three tips: first, go in-store and try different scents and see what you love. Spray yourself and then continue with the rest of your day and see how that scent feels for you.

“Second, if you walk past someone and think they smell good, ask them what they are wearing!

“And finally, book in time for a MECCA Fragrance Consultation – the specialists are super knowledgeable and can help to introduce you to scents that you might not normally be drawn to.”

To book your 1:1 consultation with a MECCA Fragrance Specialist, click here.
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